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Tip of the Day December 23, 2014

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express gratitude

Remember to express you love and gratitude to

all of the important people in your life,this holiday season.

Simple gestures and expressions last longer than any thing you can buy



Almost Ready December 22, 2014

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It is officially crunch time, in my opinion, can’t complain cause I’m doing pretty good. Shopping is done, well gift shopping, I still need to hit the grocery store one more time to pick up a few things for Christmas and Christmas Eve dinners. I have been cooking since last Thursday, party here, pot luck there and a few yummy treats to give away. I may bake a few cookies if I have time, but every year I make homemade beef jerky. I don’t even eat meat any more but, everyone seems to love it so, I make it for them. Plus it’s nice to break up all the usual sweets with a little savory, and I try to change things up flavor wise each year. This year in addition to the usual steakhouse flavor, I also made a Thai Chili, I like trying out different flavors. I have done barbeque, Smokey maple, Hawaiian, jerk and one or two others I can’t think of at the moment. I always have to make sure I plan ahead because although it is simple and requires little effort it does take two days to make. I always let the meat marinate for a day and then it takes another day in the dehydrator. I started this batch on Saturday and it will be ready to bring to work and to give out today.

I may be buying food the next two days because I need a short break from all the cooking, and the worst part, the clean up. I really love to cook, but I don’t like the mess it can cause, so when I’m short on time stopping at the grocery store to pick up something premade is a life savor, and it beats the pants off of fast food. All that remains after that is wrapping. I think I am more than half way done, but each year I seem to find all these little things I stashed away.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; I took a few days off in between the holidays so two more days of work then 5 off, with the weekend. I also took the day after New Year’s for one more long weekend. I’m quite excited about that, and it will give me some time to work on a few projects I need to get moving on.

Good luck finishing up and have a wonderful holiday


Tip of the Day April 18, 2014

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Holiday history can be strangely interesting

Do You Know Where the Easter Bunny Came


Check out the link for some history about Easter



Tip of the Day December 19, 2013

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dear santa
Remember what is really important about the holidays and cherish all you already have!


Pick me up Calm me down July 15, 2013

Pick me up  /  Calm me down

Mood Swing

Mood Swing

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am completely thrown off, after the holiday. My schedule had already been quite disrupted with the kids being out of school, then a Thursday off, parties the weekend before and the one after.

I have to admit I’m a bit out of sorts, so I have been pulling out all of my sure fire remedies to keep me feeling my best. Starting with eating healthy, let’s face most of us slip up when we get hit with a string of BBQs and parties. So now that most of that has lightened up for now, I’m eating closer to normal for me. Back to lots of fresh fruits and veggies, cutting down on the snacks and drinking lots of water with fresh lemon. Next I kicked up the exercise a notch, sit-ups and pushups each week day plus my regular Martial Arts classes, and some sort of other physical activity, outdoor if possible. Regular exercise is so beneficial for both physical and mental health so it’s a definite go to when I’m feeling down or just not like myself. Another thing I find important is to be aware of how you are feeling and acting accordingly, so if you are too tired rest, if you are overwhelmed step back, take a break and say no to someone or something if you have to .If you are feeling up energized and ready to go then by all means get up, get out, and go do something! You can only take care of yourself if you are aware of what it is you need, to be happy and healthy.

I’ll have some more specific tips during the week to keep you feeling like you or even better, so check out tip of the week. Also I’d love to know what it is you do to make yourself feel better.

What gets you going?

What you do to lift your spirits?

What makes the day better?

Let me know because I can always use a few more tricks.

Enjoy your summer.


Tip of the Day July 5, 2013

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five minutes for me

Have a safe ,relaxing, fun filled
holiday weekend!! Whatever your plans this weekend
be smart, be safe and have fun!


Happy Memorial Day May 27, 2013

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Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day
I wrote this on Saturday morning because we are going away this weekend and I didn’t want to worry about what to post. The weather is awful at this point, but we have a big family weekend planned and so despite the weather we are heading down the shore.
Every year we head down to my aunt and uncle’s house, no matter what the weather. We hang out play games, grill, cook, over eat, and if it’s warm enough volley ball in the pool. Warm enough is a relative term. Warm for my family is like 15- 20 degrees cooler than it is for most. There are years when everyone playing is a lovely shade of blue.
No matter what we do it’s always a fun and relaxing weekend, everyone kicks back, and has a good time. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents and kids, oh and even a dog or two at times. We all look forward to it, and we always enjoy ourselves.
I hope whatever you do, or are doing, you take to opportunity to enjoy yourself. Have an awesome Day!