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Making Time September 14, 2015

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px3 dynamix

Now that my kids are getting older, I find bigger changes, with every school year. I’m going to start with a big plus, both girls , set an alarm, get up and get ready on their own without any help from me. What is even more impressive, and quite nice for me is, they are able to do their thing without asking me for help. It is absolutely amazing how much time that saves me each morning. I am able to get ready at a relaxed pace without rushing around and running out the door. I am hope things stay this way because it ready sets such a nice tone for my day. I find I am more relaxed driving and I get to work in a better mood.
Now for my challenge, since the start of school, and cheerleading practice every day after school, I lose 30 to 45 minutes every evening. Instead of going straight home after work every night, I have to first stop and pick up my older daughter. Not that big a deal, I have about 15 extra minutes in between, which is nice if I need to run an errand, and the school is on my way home, still good. The problem is practice runs late every night. I already have a 15 min gap, plus however may minutes extra they run. This is the time I was using to work out every night, and it makes me feel a bit rushed to get everything done each night. Some nights are not as busy as others do the time crunch doesn’t matter much, but when I have a lot to get done in a small time frame, it makes it harder to workout. I hate to miss my exercise so I make every effort to do it, and since I now seem to have a little extra time in the morning, I have been making an effort to get to work a little early and use the gym there, this way if I don’t get to do my Beach Body, I still did something.
I am very excited about starting P90X3 and so far I am loving the workouts, the first few minutes are always the toughest but after that the time flies by, gotta love that in workout. I am determined to keep up with this and no matter how tough my schedule is, or even if I miss a day or to, I plan on staying with it. I can honestly say I like the way it makes me feel, aside from how I look, I am stronger, I have more endurance, more energy, and I am definitely happier and less stressed. Can’t ask for more than that from a 30 minute workout. So basically I’m hoping to get used to this new schedule, and not let it keep me from doing what I want and need to do each night. Here’s to hoping the habit kicks in quick.


Spring? March 23, 2015

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I am so ready for it to feel like Spring, and it’s seems that we are just being teased with the thought of it. We get one or two slightly warmer day a little extra sunshine, and them it’s below freezing ,or even worse ,snowing.Then to top it all off it’s dark when we get up, I don’t know about you but that leaves me looking for outside motivation to get up and moving every morning.When we wake up and the sun is shining and its feeling nice and warm ,it’s just so easy, or easier to get up out of bed. These past two weeks it has been sheer will power that has propelled me in the mornings. It’s time like this good habits relay come in handy, thank goodness my body is used to getting up at a certain time,otherwise who knows how much trouble I would be in getting up and ready. So if you are not already in a good morning routine there is no better time then now to get started.

Set your self up for success, use as many resources as you can to help keep you on track. You can start by getting set up the night before, you can make your lunch, set out cloths , and if you can take your shower. I know lots of people who simply can’t start there day without a shower so for you maybe have everything else ready to help speed your morning along.Set multiple alarms, you can set more than one on your phone or set a phone and an alarm clock , and set your TV up to turn on at a certain time, just for that extra added push. If you can do these things for a month or so every day they are very likely to stick and become part of your regular routine.Before you know it you will be into the swing of things, just in time for a 5:30 sunrise, keep up with your routine if you can so that by next winter mornings will be that muck easier.

Have a good week everyone!


Tip of the Day May 20, 2014

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what can i learn today


Nightly, Meditation May 6, 2014

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moon and stars

Hi all fell a bit behind with this week’s post. I don’t really have much of an excuse, I fell asleep watching TV last night around the time I normally write and woke up 2 hrs later, watched some more TV for about 1 ½ and fell back to sleep. I guess all the running around I did last week and the week before caught up with me, and this week won’t be much easier so I glad I was able to capitalize on the bit of free time I had.

The other thing I missed out on was the meditation I have been doing every night before bed. Before drifting off to sleep each night I turn off the TV or put down whatever I am reading, making sure my thoughts are still clear. I count down from 5 to 1 and find myself on a beautiful beach, the sun is shining, it is always beautiful and the best part is I have it all to myself. I stand at the edge of the water for a minute or two feeling the water at my feel, the sun on my body and listen to the sound of the waves. Then I get in and go for a swim and wash away what is no longer mine, small details of the day, any stress or tension, it all goes into the deep ocean and leave me free to relax and sleep. Next I take some time to reflect on what I have learned or ask questions that have come to me, they could be questions about my day or things I want for the future. I may ask about a solution to a particulate problem or for the ability to remain calm and at peace in stressful situations, it varies for night to night. When I feel I am finished I say thank you , thank you for listening and thank you for helping me leave the day behind, thank you for all the good things in my life ,whatever  I am thankful for. Then I get out, if I am still awake I will sit on the beach, often there is a comfortable lounge chair and a big beach towel waiting for me. I sit and dry off, sometime someone else will come and sit and talk to me, they usually have something to tell me that will help me with whatever I need and I enjoy these conversations. When we are finished talking I thank them for their help and for talking with me. I feel relaxed and at home here and I drift off to sleep peacefully.

It has been a wonderfully relaxing habit for me and I highly recommend finding time in you day to meditate. This meditation can be done at any time of the day and I have done it at different time of day plenty of times, I have just been a recent habit, to do it at bedtime. If you are interested give it a try and never worry if it takes you some before you can relax keep your mind from drifting, if your mind gets away from you gently bring it back and continue. After all it is called Practicing meditation.


Tip of the Day January 30, 2014

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be proud tomorrow


Tip of the Day January 7, 2014

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cooked spaghetti squashMake Time for Meal Time.
Set some time aside each week to cook
and prep healthy home made meals.
It takes the stress out of what to prepare and
when you are going to have time to cook it.
Less stress healthier food WIN WIN!


Tip of the Day December 31, 2013

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On the road to success
there is only one direction
that will lead you to your goal
rd to success