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Tip of the Day February 14, 2014

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Success doesn’t come at the end of a road with no obstacles.

Success comes for finding a way to overcome the obstacles and finding your way despite them.


Tip of the Day January 24, 2014

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1 2 3

Three steps to reach your goals

1. Set a realistic goal
2. Make a plan
3. Get to work

Are you Ready? January 20, 2014

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start finish

It’s more than half way through January, have you started working to make your New Year’s Resolutions/Goals become your reality? Are you looking for all the ways you can to succeed, to make it happen, to get what you want in 2014?

To make ensure you success the first thing you need are clearly defined attainable goals.

Examples: I want to lose 10 lbs by June

I want to run a 5k in September

I want to go back to school for …..

Now that you have your goals ask yourself some simple questions, phrased in a positive manner to help you figure out what you can do and what you will need to make it happen. Ask these questions for each of your goals.

What am I willing to do?

What resources do you need?

Is there anything getting in your way, and if so how can you overcome the obstacle?

Are you ready to make this commitment?

So my main goal for this year is to earn my Black Belt. What am I willing to do to make this happen? First of all I need to make it to as many classes as possible each week. I will need to practice on my own and I will need to get myself as fit and healthy as possible. I joined a gym and will be working out and taking different classes to increase my strength and endurance.

What resources do I need? I will need somewhere to do my training, TOMA and the gym, and space to practice on my own.

What are the obstacles in my way and how can I overcome them? Time has always been my biggest obstacle in the past. Now that I have learned to make my schedule work for my life I have been able to find and make time for what I need. I can practice on my own and on my lunch breaks each day. I have also planned gym time when my kids are busy with activities. I have found 3 times a week that will be open each week plus an additional 2 times that will open up from time to time that I can utilize when I need to.

So what are you ready to do for you in 2014?


New Year’s Action Plan December 30, 2013

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happy new year 2014

So this is it, we have reached the end of another year, 2013 is over and 2014 is on its way. Now is the time to take stock and make your peace with whatever has come to pass so you can make a plan and move forward with your goals in the year to come. This year instead of wondering what 2014 has in store for you, why not set a goal make a plan of action and decide what you have in store for 2014. No need to sit around a wait to see what happens, make something happen!
We have one life, this life, so why not get everything we want out of it. No one is gonna hand you everything you want you have to GO AND GET IT! So where do you start? Start by being honest with yourself about what you want. Once you decide what than you need to figure out how. Do you want a better job, to improve your health, or maybe to go back to school, whatever it is you have the ability to make it happen. You just have to be willing to take action.
Step 1 Decide what you want.
Step 2 Find out what you need to do to get it, look at all your options.
Step 3 Choose a plan of action. (Decide what works best for you)
Step 4 Take action!
My goal for this year is to earn my black belt. In order to do that I have a lot of work to do, both in class and on my own. I will have to get myself prepared physically, mentally and emotionally. I will need to work on strength of will as well as physical strength and improve self discipline so that I can practice, exercise and eat rite every day. So there is my goal and my plan of action now all I have to do is put into practice.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2014!
Make all your dreams come true.


Tip of the Day September 18, 2013

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Remind yourself of what you want
Whatever your goal may be
Make a list of all the reasons you want to
Be working toward your goal. It just may be the push
You need to get moving.


Tip of the Day August 21, 2013

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The answers are out there

The answers are out there

Look for ways to make it happen!
To reach your goal
To achieve your dream
To live the life you want
Ask yourself, how can I do it
and the answers will always be there.