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Tip of the Day May 6, 2015

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I Did It February 23, 2015

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Well after 5 years of hard work I finally got my Black Belt. I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe what it was like taking that test,or how truly amazed I am that I did everything required of me. The test took place over the course of three consecutive days,Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I can’t talk much about what I had to do because it is meant to be a surprise and a challenge for each person testing.I can tell you it was not easy,and a points I was not sure where to find the strength to keep going, I just refused to give up , so somehow the strength was there. There were a few times I thought I might just fall over but thankfully I did not.Each day presented it’s own challenges both physically and mentally, It was difficult at times to stay calm and keep a clear head with all the adrenaline pumping through my system. I did get worked up a few times, and I had to collect my self,and calm down to move on, I was very proud of myself fore having that ability is such a stressful situation, since it’s something I have always struggled with.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has been there for me through all of this, Everyone who watched the kids to get to class , helped me stay motivated and focused on my goal. Thank you to Master Jo and all the staff at TOMA fo their dedication and support. My family for always being there to help. I couldn’t have done this with out you.

I put a lot of hard work and dedication into achieving my goal, I could have given up many times but I didn’t. If you have something you want, you can have it ,as long as you work hard and don’t give up. It is not always easy to get the things we want, and sometimes It can seem like we will never achieve them, one thing I know for sure is ,you never achieve anything by giving up.We all deserve the things in life that make us happy, you simply have to allow yourself the opportunity to go after what you want, you deserve it, we all do. We only get one life, go after the things you want, while you can.


Tip of the Day December 30, 2014

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The Count Down Begins December 15, 2014

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Ten more days till Christmas, time to put it into high gear. I slacked off a bit last week so now it’s crunch time. I have 1 more gift to get and then it’s just stocking stuffers, not too bad. I have about ½ my gifts already wrapped and with one more weekend and Christmas Eve off I think I have enough time to get things done without getting too nuts, I think. I have one holiday party done and two more this weekend, so I will have to make sure I have those gifts wrapped early. I have a feeling I may have to miss a few workouts but I have to get to at least two classes at TOMA this week, I want to make it to as many classes as I can, to get ready for the next Black Belt Test, in February. It was really difficult to pass up testing in November, and now I’m afraid of losing momentum due to the holidays. I am just going to have to practice on my own as much as possible and get myself to the gym while the school is closed for the holiday break.

I do have a tendency to get myself worked up in December, more so than I really have to. But the past few years I have been better at catching myself and making adjustments before I get too out of control. I have learned to accept the fact, that I will be overextended, because I don’t want to miss anything. I know that I have to set time aside for the things that are most important and make adjustments to my schedule to make it all work, so sometimes I have to get up early or stay up late to fit things in. I am also working on enjoying each thing, I just had to demand not worrying about, and the next thing I have to get to. One of the goals I had set for myself in the beginning of the year was to have more fun. For me it’s not a matter of not doing enough fun things, it’s more about relaxing and enjoying each thing, in the present moment, without jumping ahead to what happens next. I think for me that is one of life’s biggest lessons, learning to simply enjoy the moment.  I have to say I am doing much better with it, I think as we get older and hopefully wiser we can find a way to enjoy what is most important to us.

So this holiday season the goal is, stay calm, do one thing at a time, don’t stress, make sure to take care of yourself. Remember to enjoy each moment, you never get them back, be happy, and do the things you love.

Happy Holidays



It’s Been a Hell of a Year October 27, 2014

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So today is my birthday, and it’s been a hell of a year, a hell of a good year. Now everything has not been perfect, I had my share problems but I had more to be grateful for, and that’s what I am staying focused on. In the beginning of the year I made a list of goals, things I wanted to accomplish, places I wanted to go and habits I wanted to change or develop. While I have not accomplished all of them I did manage to put a big dent in that list and I feel wonderful about what I have been able to accomplish. I think what helped me the most was a simple change in perspective.

I look at all the things I wanted with a different attitude, instead of being upset that I didn’t have them or that I didn’t have what I needed to get them. Things like enough time, energy, space, and money of course. The attitude I took this time around was to look at all of things with excitement, I thought about how much fun they would be or how good I would feel getting them, and every time I got what I wanted I made sure I kept up the positive attitude. I just looked for a way to make things work and was happy when it did. If and when worry would creep in I simply refused to focus on it. It’s been working for me so far so the plan is carry on in the same manner to accomplish the rest of my goals and then start a new list.

About five years ago I had to make so pretty big lifestyle changes and since then I have been working hard to get my life and the life of my family working better for us. So many of these things seem to be coming together now this year and I am so happy to see all of the hard work and sacrifice that my husband and I made now paying off. It just feels good and honestly I feel like I can make my life what I want it to be. My outlook and attitude changed before my circumstances did and that realization has had quite an impact on my life. This year is definitely one worth celebrating and I am looking forward to many more to come.



Tip of the Day May 15, 2014

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action steps


Tip of the Day February 21, 2014

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Live as though you already have what you desire.

Keep working toward your goal,while believing you have achieved it already.

And eventually you will have your reward.