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Making Time September 14, 2015

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px3 dynamix

Now that my kids are getting older, I find bigger changes, with every school year. I’m going to start with a big plus, both girls , set an alarm, get up and get ready on their own without any help from me. What is even more impressive, and quite nice for me is, they are able to do their thing without asking me for help. It is absolutely amazing how much time that saves me each morning. I am able to get ready at a relaxed pace without rushing around and running out the door. I am hope things stay this way because it ready sets such a nice tone for my day. I find I am more relaxed driving and I get to work in a better mood.
Now for my challenge, since the start of school, and cheerleading practice every day after school, I lose 30 to 45 minutes every evening. Instead of going straight home after work every night, I have to first stop and pick up my older daughter. Not that big a deal, I have about 15 extra minutes in between, which is nice if I need to run an errand, and the school is on my way home, still good. The problem is practice runs late every night. I already have a 15 min gap, plus however may minutes extra they run. This is the time I was using to work out every night, and it makes me feel a bit rushed to get everything done each night. Some nights are not as busy as others do the time crunch doesn’t matter much, but when I have a lot to get done in a small time frame, it makes it harder to workout. I hate to miss my exercise so I make every effort to do it, and since I now seem to have a little extra time in the morning, I have been making an effort to get to work a little early and use the gym there, this way if I don’t get to do my Beach Body, I still did something.
I am very excited about starting P90X3 and so far I am loving the workouts, the first few minutes are always the toughest but after that the time flies by, gotta love that in workout. I am determined to keep up with this and no matter how tough my schedule is, or even if I miss a day or to, I plan on staying with it. I can honestly say I like the way it makes me feel, aside from how I look, I am stronger, I have more endurance, more energy, and I am definitely happier and less stressed. Can’t ask for more than that from a 30 minute workout. So basically I’m hoping to get used to this new schedule, and not let it keep me from doing what I want and need to do each night. Here’s to hoping the habit kicks in quick.


Tip of the Day June 18, 2015

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Daily exercise is a wonderful way to connect body and mind, to be present,and to feel good!


Tip of the Day May 29, 2015

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Beach Body Information May 2, 2015

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beach body


Above is the link I promised earlier this week ,to  my sister in law’s Beach Body page.

I’ve lost 3 lbs already, really loving the workout.


Preoccupied February 9, 2015

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black belt

I am completely and utterly preoccupied with my upcoming Black Belt test. I have been spending most of my free time preparing in one way or another. Aside from all the physical prep I need to do i also have to write an essay about what my training means to me,design a poster about my journey to black belt ,and write a speech . I need to have all of this completed by this Friday. I think I have things pretty well in hand ,the poster is done and I just need to reread my essay and make a few changes.The speech well that’s another story, I have to keep that simple because I cant use any written aides or materials so I think I may keep it in line with my speech so I can remember what I want to say. Aside from that I just need to practice, practice,practice.

I have been taking extra good care of myself the past few weeks,since I am “in training” so clean eating, no  alcohol  and lots of water.I have been making smoothies everyday with my Nutribullit loaded with fresh fruit greens and coconut water. I have been eating steamed broccoli with lunch everyday and lots of salads. I have been getting to classes every chance I get, but the snow has cause me a few cancellations, so I have been training and working out on my own as much as possible. All of this on top of my regular working and running around is keeping me quit busy, so I a also making sure I get myself to bed at a decent time so I get enough rest.

I think I just going to keep it short and sweet this week because my mind is obviously somewhere else at the moment. So hope everyone has a wonderful week and check back in every day for Tip of the Day.



Tip of the Day March 5, 2014

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i workout because


Tip of the Day March 4, 2014

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rbk-fitness-apps-fitness-trainer-de (1)

Looking for a quick and easy way to workout? There’s an app for that.

There are so many workout and single exercise apps you can get for free.

You can do a single exercise and spend 5 to ten minutes at a time or set up full workouts, exercise routines or start specific training,like getting ready to run your first 5k.

So why not give it a try?