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Making Time September 14, 2015

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px3 dynamix

Now that my kids are getting older, I find bigger changes, with every school year. I’m going to start with a big plus, both girls , set an alarm, get up and get ready on their own without any help from me. What is even more impressive, and quite nice for me is, they are able to do their thing without asking me for help. It is absolutely amazing how much time that saves me each morning. I am able to get ready at a relaxed pace without rushing around and running out the door. I am hope things stay this way because it ready sets such a nice tone for my day. I find I am more relaxed driving and I get to work in a better mood.
Now for my challenge, since the start of school, and cheerleading practice every day after school, I lose 30 to 45 minutes every evening. Instead of going straight home after work every night, I have to first stop and pick up my older daughter. Not that big a deal, I have about 15 extra minutes in between, which is nice if I need to run an errand, and the school is on my way home, still good. The problem is practice runs late every night. I already have a 15 min gap, plus however may minutes extra they run. This is the time I was using to work out every night, and it makes me feel a bit rushed to get everything done each night. Some nights are not as busy as others do the time crunch doesn’t matter much, but when I have a lot to get done in a small time frame, it makes it harder to workout. I hate to miss my exercise so I make every effort to do it, and since I now seem to have a little extra time in the morning, I have been making an effort to get to work a little early and use the gym there, this way if I don’t get to do my Beach Body, I still did something.
I am very excited about starting P90X3 and so far I am loving the workouts, the first few minutes are always the toughest but after that the time flies by, gotta love that in workout. I am determined to keep up with this and no matter how tough my schedule is, or even if I miss a day or to, I plan on staying with it. I can honestly say I like the way it makes me feel, aside from how I look, I am stronger, I have more endurance, more energy, and I am definitely happier and less stressed. Can’t ask for more than that from a 30 minute workout. So basically I’m hoping to get used to this new schedule, and not let it keep me from doing what I want and need to do each night. Here’s to hoping the habit kicks in quick.


Tip of the Day August 28, 2015

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Making Changes, for the Better August 3, 2015

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How are you?

It’s Monday again , and I happy I actually got my act together and got my post up on time this week. I made it a priority to get back to regular blogging. Over the past couple of months I had all my energy and attention on my workouts ,and was posting mostly on closed challenge groups on FB. It seems kind of odd that I was taking the time to take care of myself,exercising eating right,and all that and then not taking the time to talk about here. So I’m getting myself back on track and back on a regular schedule. I expect to be talking a lot more about exercise and fitness,and I plan on getting more healthy ,tasty recipes to post regularly. I will also keep up with other types of self care like meditation, relaxation, and and other healthy practices,and of course, as always,Tip of the Day.

I have really been enjoying participating in the Team Beach Body challenge groups , I has given me the flexibility to workout at home at the most convince time for me ,while still keeping me connected to a coach and other challengers to guide me along answer questions and keep me motivated and excited to work out everyday. Just seeing everybody simple post in the morning that the y did their exercise makes me want to do my workout and get my post up even more. So I get the benefits of workout buddies without having to rearrange my schedule to get to a class at a specific time. The experience has been very positive for me and I am looking forward to continuing on, so much so that I decided to become a coach myself. I have a lot of new information to look at so that I can start running my own groups and helping others get themselves started with their own healthy lifestyle. I look forward to being able to run my own groups ,a having all of the resources I need to to help them succeed. I feel like this is a positive step for me and look forward to putting my all into coaching,and to sharing information and experiences here with all of you.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

I am putting up my link for a free Beach Body account below for anyone who is interested.



Father’s Day at the Beach June 22, 2015

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So it is officially summer, as of yesterday, and since yesterday was Father’s Day and the first day of summer it seemed only fitting to make a trip to the beach. My husband is nuts for this little Korean Taco stand in Asbury Park called Mogo, so that was our desired destination. The weather forecast did not look promising at all last week and we didn’t think we were going to be able to make it down there, but when we got up yesterday and checked the weather it was clear skies so, we went. It was a hot day and the water is still a bit cold so we didn’t stay too long but it was enough to hang out by the water for a while and get some lunch before heading back towards home to visit my parents for dinner.

I was very excited to put on my bathing suit for the first time this season, I was on my 60th day, last day of my Piyo yesterday, and it has made some wonderful changes to my body. In 60 days I have lost 13 lbs and inches off my waist hips and thighs. I have some before and after pictures below. Now when I say I’m done I mean I completed the 60 day schedule that came with the workout, I actually plan to continue for at least another 30 day because I still find the workouts challenging and I am so happy with my results so far I want to keep going.

Since starting this program I have been able to set up my exercise time to fit more comfortably with my schedule. I don’t have to wait for a class to start or make time to drive anywhere.  Because of this I have made some changes to the time I am eating dinner, and it is helping me to eat less each night. Before ,when I had to go out to exercise, I was getting hungry after work so I would eat something before and then again after my workout, but now, I exercise as soon as I get home and then I only eat once after, and if I do snack it’s something small.

I am so happy with my results, and how I feel overall each day I wanted to share.

my body


Sticking With it !! May 28, 2015

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Hi all’

I know I have been MIA the past few days, and I honestly don’t have a good reason.I just got caught up in a bunch of little things, simple life stuff and I never sat down to write. We have been spending a lot of time with family on the weekends,due to birthdays and holidays and such. My husband and I have been going out together more now that the kids are older ,and busy all the time,so I have to drive them first before I go anywhere. The upside of dropping off is you don’t have rush out for pickup, it doesn’t always work out in our favor,but i’ll take it when I can get it.

One thing I have been keeping up with is my workout. Remember last month I told you about joining Beach Body  and doing a 60 workout program called Piyo? Well I am just over half way through, the first 30 days I was part of a challenge group on Face Book, I finished that with a loss of 8lbs and about an inch off my waist, not too bad. My goal for the month was to loose 5 lbs and an inch off my waist so mission accomplished, and since I have another 30 days to go on my program I joined another challenge group.I love the extra motivation I get when I see everyone else post about their workout and healthy eating.My goal for this month is to loose another 5 lbs and to get more muscle definition, I do plan to continue on after the 60 days are over with another workout, although I’m not sure what one just yet. What I like most about what I’m doing now is that most of the workouts are only 30 min or so and I don’t need anything but a yoga mat, also you need very little space. I wouldn’t mind getting something that used weights or bands because the don’t take up much room. I may even decide to become a coach at some point because I really love the challenge groups and I think I would be fun to run them. We will see ,firstI want to get to know as many of the workouts as possible, and i know you can get the workouts online and try diferent things ,so that may be in the cards soon.

If anyone is interested here is my coaches/sister-in law’s page



Beach Body Information May 2, 2015

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beach body


Above is the link I promised earlier this week ,to  my sister in law’s Beach Body page.

I’ve lost 3 lbs already, really loving the workout.


It’s Beach Body Time April 27, 2015

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Well Spring is finally here, an with the warm weather comes more sunshine,more energy, and more motivation to get into Summer shape.Now I take pretty good care of myself,exercise ,eat healthy, mostly, but as I have gotten older I have a few pounds extra that never seem to want to leave me. So I want to do something about it, I need an effective workout that doesn’t take up much time or space,and with the help of my sister-in law and now BeachBody coach, I have one. I signed up for BeachBody and I ordered a work out program called PiYo, a mix of Pilates and Yoga, it takes little space to do and all the work outs are between 20 and 45 min and the only equipment needed is a yoga mat. I cant wait to get started with this tonight. It is a 60 day program of exercise and clean eating, and I am ready for both. Last week I did all my preparation, I  looked over everything, set my goals, took all my before measurements and pictures so I have them for comparison after 30 days and again after 60. Now all I have to do is stick with the program everyday. I know it’s something I can do and I can make the time each day to make it work, so I am excited to get it started. I will be posting updated every 2 weeks or so and as soon as I can get my sister in law to send me her link I will post that too for anyone who may want to sign up for BeachBody and start you own program. One of the nice things about this program is you get a free coach, and you can join a group and get help and support all along your journey.I am looking forward to working hard getting more fit and reaching my goals.