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Meditation of the Day December 8, 2014

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A warm and energizing meditation for a cold winter day.

from Hay House Daily Meditations



Tip of the Day December 3, 2014

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Re-blogging this color meditation,it’s a great way to recharge and reset your energy,when you need it, give it a try!


5 Minutes for Me

Color Meditation: To restore balance and harmony

Each color in this meditation corresponds to one of the body’s 7 major power centers.

Start by finding a comfortable position in a quiet place. Make sure your spine is in alignment, either in sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Begin by picturing yourself outside on a beautiful day. Set the scene, a park a lake where ever you want. In one hand you are holding 7 balloons,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Lt Blue,Dark Blue,and Violet .
Begin with the Red balloon, take in your empty hand and look at it see it in your mind, hold that image then let the balloon go. Watch it as it drifts in the air floating through the air higher and higher, until it can no longer be seen. Do the same for each of the other balloons in this order Orange,Yellow,Green,Lt. Blue, Dark Blue…

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Tip of the Day November 19, 2014

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Make time to meditate everyday

and uncover the calm within you



from pinterest


Tip of the Day November 5, 2014

When you find something you like, something positive and useful,

save it, share it and find time to work it into your time. I found this simple

meditation on the Hay House Facebook page. It’s a Hay House Daily Meditation.

I shared it on my face book page, posted it on the blog and saved it in my pictures on my phone

so now I have a quick reference when I need it.

hay house meditation


Tip of the Day July 24, 2014

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Change your future by being present.

Every day take some time to stop

be still be quiet and aware.

Let all thoughts of past and future go

keep your focus on the now.

How do you feel? What do you feel?

What do you see? What do you hear?

Practice this for a few minutes every day to create

a sense of calm,quiet, relaxation you we be able to bring to everything you do


Tip of the Day May 9, 2014

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Tip of the Day (Wisdom Within ) May 16, 2013

Try this meditation exercise to gain insight into what may be causing your shift in mood.
Sit or lie quietly and comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breath.
Slowly bring your attention inward, starting with your feet working your way up, scan your body for any signs of tension or discomfort . When you come to an area that is uncomfortable or tense, take a few breaths and ask, why am I feeling this tension? Don’t be surprised if you get an answer. Work your way from your feet to the top of your head making sure to focus on your organs as well.
You may get answers you may not, and the more you repeat the exercise the easier it will become, results will vary. What you will gain each time is, a few quiet minutes to yourself, time to reflect relax and connect with your body, you can’t lose.