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Labor Day September 7, 2015

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This is it, its Labor Day, the summer is over, everyone is going back to school and schedules and structure take over again . I am going to miss the beach more than anything else, I think. We got extremely lucky with the weather and had so many wonderful beach days. That being said, as sorry as I am to leave the beach, the weather is still beautiful, and there are so many fall activities to look forward to and enjoy. We have outdoor activities the next couple of weekends, and then there is pumpkin picking and Halloween to keep us busy.
Honestly the most difficult thing for me to get used to again is the extra running around in the evening with after school sports and activities. I love that the kids have things they enjoy doing, but I have a hard time giving up my time in the evening, after working all day. Now of course I will make adjustments to make my evenings work out for me , but it can be a tough , but worth while adjustment. I usually end up deciding to give up some tv time so that I can get what’s important to me done. I would much rather workout, get my errands done and take care of things around the house, so sitting down and relaxing has to happen later most nights. I need my down so I will jut usually dvr my shows and sit down and start them later. This adjustment won’t take long and will quickly become habit again . So tomorrow takes us back to our “regular ” scheduled, I suppose I’m as ready as I can be for the adjustment. Summer is over and its time to head into the last quarter of the year, so here we go, I know it’s going to be busy. Let’s do this!


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