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I Needed a Rest Day August 17, 2015

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rest time

Hello, I’m a little late posting today ,but I’m posting. I spent the day at home in bed with a stomach ache, aside from not feeling well I really needed a some rest. The past couple of weeks have been so full, I can’t complain because most of it has been fun but, sometimes there needs to be a break between events, with time to breath and take care of daily life and what not.

During the week, I work full time, come home, workout, feed the kids, drive at least one child somewhere,then pick the up, sometimes both, so I leave quite a few chores for the weekend. So when I squeeze in a night out on a Wednesday, and have plans from morning till night all weekend something has to give. The one thing I always make sure I am on top of is the laundry, I can always fit a load in , in-between whatever else I happen to be doing,and lets face it with a teen and preteen daughter in the house the laundry piles up if I’m not on top of it.Then of course there need to be time to food shop and clean, the cleaning is always the first thing to get ditched. Don’t get me wrong the house is not dirty it’s just not neat or organized when time is short.

I always make a point of eating well and getting enough sleep no matter how busy I am. Those are tow things I just can’t skimp on. If I’m not rested and eating right everyone suffers, I am no good to everyone without my sleep, and if I’m not feed well I don’t have any energy.Every once and a while I disregard these things and push myself too far cause I want to do it all. When this happens I pay for it later, Now it’s nothing serious just a day or two of feeling tired and cranky, and making sure I catch up on my sleep,and feed myself some good food.

I guess I over did it between last week and this weekend because today I could not get out of bed,so i took the day to sleep and recharge so that I can be back to my usual self tomorrow.

I did, just for the record have quite a bit of fun so it was all well worth the extra effort


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