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Last Little Bit of Summer August 31, 2015

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day at the beach

Well, this is it, the last day of August. Summer is pretty much over and the kids are heading back to school this week. I have my girls all set and ready to roll, but I’m not sure I’m ready. I like the slower pace in the summer; I actually have less driving around to do. Now it’s back to after school practices every day and weekend games, stopping on my way home from work and waiting for practice to end before going home to make dinner. I’m so glad I have family to help otherwise I would have to be in two places at once, twice a week one need to be picked up at the same time the other needs to be dropped off. But I guess I’m ready, and routine makes it easy to get into and stay in the groove.

Since the warm weather will be getting cooler I had to get to the beach this past weekend. It was such a nice day on Sunday; it was sunny and warm, perfect for a beach day. We got up and on the road early to avoid traffic, plus we went to Sandy Hook, and that fills up quickly so it’s always better to get there early. The water was pretty warm and surprisingly there was no seaweed or jellyfish. It can be tough to swim in August sometimes because of one or both but not this time. We spent hours in the water. The water was calm and you could walk quite fare before it got deep, so we were pretty fare out swimming and jumping waves. Between that and walking around in the sand I got my workout in. I am wiped out as I sit her writing this, and will probably be in bed quite early. I’m glad we were able to get there just in case it’s the last time for this year. It’s always possible that we will head down again for the holiday weekend, and maybe even hit the board walk in the fall of the weather is nice enough. Anyway it was a perfect day and I’m glad we got it in before school starts.

While I hold onto the last little bit of summer, I am also excited about all the fun things the fall has to offer. Life is good when you make the time to do the things you love with the people you love.

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Tip of the Day August 28, 2015

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Tip of the Day August 27, 2015

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This morning on my way into work , I stopped for just a moment. I sat down, took a few deep breaths, and felt the sun on my face. It was the perfect way to start my day, so I took this picture so I could share this wonderful feeling. Wishing everyone a beautiful day


Tip of the Day August 26, 2015

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Slowing Things Down August 25, 2015

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let things be

Let me tell you , it took a lot for me to sit myself down to write this. I don’t know exactly why but my focus has not been the best the past few days. Now it could be because this is the last week of August and I am having to make time to go out and shop for all the necessary items for the kids to go, BACK TO SCHOOL!! Maybe it’s because all I want to do is go on another vacation or get to the beach a few more times before the season is over. The other thing it could be is I am always so active and last week was no exception, I of course made time for myself, but I tend to keep so busy that when I actual have a slow weekend without a ton of plans, I don’t know what to do with myself.

I almost have to force myself to relax and enjoy the slower pace. It’s not as if I stayed in bed all day, not at all, I was up first thing in the morning getting things done, but then I had some extra free time that I wasn’t expecting.So it totally through me for a loop. Now one day is fine but this was Saturday and Sunday. I know you must be thinking that I’m totally crazy for having a hard time with a relaxing weekend, well I might be but, I just get myself into such a habit of always doing something,  I get a little lost when the day is not all planned out. I mean Monday through Friday I up out the door off to work , get home, work out, cause I need my me time, make dinner, then the night is almost always driving.

I’m dropping one off and picking the other one up and by the time I get home and sit down,I put on the TV and then fall asleep. My point is I am used to fast pace, so when it slows down to dramatically, I get a bit anxious. I think I managed to handle myself quiet well, and I found some relaxing activities, I sat outside for hours and I even left my phone in the house while I sat in the yard and colored. I have recently pick up some grown up coloring books,with very detailed pictures and intricate patterns. I find that the keep me very focused and help me to relax a quire my mid when I get wound up.

On Saturday I had time to catch a matinee with my husband, workout in the afternoon, and then we went over to the neighbors in the evening for dinner. Sunday we took the kids out for lunch ,then spent the rest of the afternoon in the yard listening to music, i did some coloring and I even folded so laundry on the patio. All and all it was a very nice relaxing weekend. I did something I am usually not able to get around to and I am glad I was able to slow myself down enough to enjoy them. Sometimes you just need to take a step back slow down and enjoy the simple things, ya know


Recipe of the Day August 21, 2015

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Gluten Free dairy free,vegetable flat bread

handfull of fresh spinach

1/8 cup diced onion

1 ts minced garlic

1 medium tomato chopped

1 gluten free pizza crust

1 cup spinach artichoke hummus

ts olive oil

Preheat oven or toaster oven to 350

In a medium frying pan heat oil then add onions and garlic sautée about 2 min, then toss in spinach let cook another 2 min. Remove from heat. Then spread a thick layer of humus on the pizza crust. Add sautéed veggies and tomatoes then place into oven or toaster oven for 12 to 15 min


Tip of the Day August 20, 2015

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