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Tip of the Day May 29, 2015

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Sticking With it !! May 28, 2015

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Hi all’

I know I have been MIA the past few days, and I honestly don’t have a good reason.I just got caught up in a bunch of little things, simple life stuff and I never sat down to write. We have been spending a lot of time with family on the weekends,due to birthdays and holidays and such. My husband and I have been going out together more now that the kids are older ,and busy all the time,so I have to drive them first before I go anywhere. The upside of dropping off is you don’t have rush out for pickup, it doesn’t always work out in our favor,but i’ll take it when I can get it.

One thing I have been keeping up with is my workout. Remember last month I told you about joining Beach Body  and doing a 60 workout program called Piyo? Well I am just over half way through, the first 30 days I was part of a challenge group on Face Book, I finished that with a loss of 8lbs and about an inch off my waist, not too bad. My goal for the month was to loose 5 lbs and an inch off my waist so mission accomplished, and since I have another 30 days to go on my program I joined another challenge group.I love the extra motivation I get when I see everyone else post about their workout and healthy eating.My goal for this month is to loose another 5 lbs and to get more muscle definition, I do plan to continue on after the 60 days are over with another workout, although I’m not sure what one just yet. What I like most about what I’m doing now is that most of the workouts are only 30 min or so and I don’t need anything but a yoga mat, also you need very little space. I wouldn’t mind getting something that used weights or bands because the don’t take up much room. I may even decide to become a coach at some point because I really love the challenge groups and I think I would be fun to run them. We will see ,firstI want to get to know as many of the workouts as possible, and i know you can get the workouts online and try diferent things ,so that may be in the cards soon.

If anyone is interested here is my coaches/sister-in law’s page



Tip of the Day May 22, 2015

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Tip of the Day May 20, 2015

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Tip of the Day May 19, 2015

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Stick With Your Self Care May 18, 2015

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Well here we are just one week away from the unofficial start of Summer. It seemed for a while that the worm weather would never get here, but finally it has arrived. With these worm temperatures comes, more activity. The school year will soon be coming to an end, and that means ,more school events to go to,dances,concerts,awards,banquets,trips ,and other activities. It can really do a number on your schedule especially if you have more than one child. I know that I often have day where I am actually driving in circles dropping one of and picking the other up. I can start to feel like an endless loop,and it may make you feel like you have no time to fit in what you need to do.

When you know you are going to be busy and you schedule is going to be tight,start by scheduling in time for you, make room somewhere in you day to take care of your own needs. When you find a time that works make sure you use ,even if it a little  earlier or later than you like, make it a priority and make every effort to make the most of your time. I know for me getting up earlier is like ,the last thing   I ever want to do but some days it is necessary. I have things that I want or need for myself and not getting them is not an option, I know for me, I feel better when I’m sure   I can get things done, putting thing off too late always make me feel uneasy or even a little anxious, so waking up a half hour early can really make my whole day go smoother, I feel like I got things done and the day feels more productive. Now we cant always get everything in ,in the morning so look for those key spots in your day ,time when you are most likely to give yourself that extra push to get going, when you do this regularly it will become habit and you will make sure you find that time.

So no matter how crazy things get, or how hard it may seem to fit it in, your time is just as important as everyone else’s so use it or loose it.


Tip of the Day May 15, 2015

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