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It’s Beach Body Time April 27, 2015

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Well Spring is finally here, an with the warm weather comes more sunshine,more energy, and more motivation to get into Summer shape.Now I take pretty good care of myself,exercise ,eat healthy, mostly, but as I have gotten older I have a few pounds extra that never seem to want to leave me. So I want to do something about it, I need an effective workout that doesn’t take up much time or space,and with the help of my sister-in law and now BeachBody coach, I have one. I signed up for BeachBody and I ordered a work out program called PiYo, a mix of Pilates and Yoga, it takes little space to do and all the work outs are between 20 and 45 min and the only equipment needed is a yoga mat. I cant wait to get started with this tonight. It is a 60 day program of exercise and clean eating, and I am ready for both. Last week I did all my preparation, I  looked over everything, set my goals, took all my before measurements and pictures so I have them for comparison after 30 days and again after 60. Now all I have to do is stick with the program everyday. I know it’s something I can do and I can make the time each day to make it work, so I am excited to get it started. I will be posting updated every 2 weeks or so and as soon as I can get my sister in law to send me her link I will post that too for anyone who may want to sign up for BeachBody and start you own program. One of the nice things about this program is you get a free coach, and you can join a group and get help and support all along your journey.I am looking forward to working hard getting more fit and reaching my goals.


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