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Tip of the Day March 31, 2015

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Stay-cation March 30, 2015

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las vegas

This week my kids are away, with my parents, visiting my brother and his family in Las Vegas. They left on Saturday night and they wont be home until next Sunday morning.I have to admit I am a little jealous , I miss my brother, sister in law and nephew very much, they just moved out there in September, before that they were only about 15 20 min away. I don’t get very much vacation time so I will have to wait till July for a week off and until Christmas to see my brother and his family. Slightly bumming ,but now the up side, first and foremost I only have to worry about myself. I can come and go without worrying about , who needs to be where, who still has homework to door whatever else. I can sleep in everyday this week for two reasons,one I only have to get myself ready in the morning, I don’t need to make sure the kids are up and moving, or if the need money for lunch or any other reason, and two, traffic will be light because all the schools in the area are closed, so much less traffic.One of the things I like to do on the mornings when the kids are off and I still have to go to work is to move extra slow, I sleep in just a little, then I get up and move a such a relaxed pace. I’m sitting at my computer now,sipping coffee typing this up and not at all worried about the clock, heaven. Tonight I have an appointment to get my hair done and after that I don’t have to rush home. The focus for this week is to enjoy all the little things that I am usually not able to do, hence my own little stay cation, and let’s not forget my husband,we can actually make plans during the week to hang out or go out. I think I would like to try to squeeze in a movie if we can. Don’t get me wrong I already miss the girls, but they are away having fun so, I want to make the most of the free time I have. Hope my family all has a wonderful time visiting, love and miss you guys, have fun!

Well, hope you all have a wonderful week ,whatever you may be doing, make the best of it, and enjoy all you can, the big things and all the little ones!


Tip of the Day March 27, 2015

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in touch with life


Tip of the Day March 26, 2015

F Scott Fitsgerald


Tip of the Day March 25, 2015

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be calm


Tip of the Day March 24, 2015

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Spring? March 23, 2015

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I am so ready for it to feel like Spring, and it’s seems that we are just being teased with the thought of it. We get one or two slightly warmer day a little extra sunshine, and them it’s below freezing ,or even worse ,snowing.Then to top it all off it’s dark when we get up, I don’t know about you but that leaves me looking for outside motivation to get up and moving every morning.When we wake up and the sun is shining and its feeling nice and warm ,it’s just so easy, or easier to get up out of bed. These past two weeks it has been sheer will power that has propelled me in the mornings. It’s time like this good habits relay come in handy, thank goodness my body is used to getting up at a certain time,otherwise who knows how much trouble I would be in getting up and ready. So if you are not already in a good morning routine there is no better time then now to get started.

Set your self up for success, use as many resources as you can to help keep you on track. You can start by getting set up the night before, you can make your lunch, set out cloths , and if you can take your shower. I know lots of people who simply can’t start there day without a shower so for you maybe have everything else ready to help speed your morning along.Set multiple alarms, you can set more than one on your phone or set a phone and an alarm clock , and set your TV up to turn on at a certain time, just for that extra added push. If you can do these things for a month or so every day they are very likely to stick and become part of your regular routine.Before you know it you will be into the swing of things, just in time for a 5:30 sunrise, keep up with your routine if you can so that by next winter mornings will be that muck easier.

Have a good week everyone!