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Back to Normal-ish January 5, 2015

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So it’s back to normal this week, all things being relative, of course. Life this week is moving back to it’s familiar patterns and schedules. The kids have a full week of school ,after their long break,it’s the first full week of work ,for me, in two weeks, and outside activities return to their normal schedule. With a little luck,and hopefully minimal effort, normal will be an easy groove to fall back into. I for one am looking forward to it, it just seem easier to get everyone motivated when the day holds more structure. I figure by Wednesday it will feel like nothing had changed at all. Funny thing is ,after a couple of weeks has past ,most of us will be board and looking to shake things up a bit, this time of year seem to move so slowly. My plan is to keep myself busy with things that are important to me and will keep me moving through the long dark days.

I like to keep as many things as structured as I can ,it seems to help give me direction to my day. There are so many elements that are ever changing. My husband has a very loose base schedule,and we always have to keep tabs to see where he will be when,luckily he has not had much traveling to do and is close to home nights and weekends. Our older daughter started High School his year and her sports schedules are anything but regular,times are different everyday and it never seems to allow her to take the late bus,so whatever I’m doing has to be adjusted to fit in pickup. Happily  everything has been working out most of the time and I have been able to do what I need for myself. So here’s to moving back to normal.

Happy New Year,and hope you find your normal.


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