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Tip of the Day December 17, 2014

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make it happen

The only limits that can come between you and

what you want to accomplish, are the ones you

place there yourself. You are the key to making it happen!


Tip of the Day December 16, 2014

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Need to lift your spirits? Give a hug, and you will get a hug.

Look what hugging can do for you



The Count Down Begins December 15, 2014

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Ten more days till Christmas, time to put it into high gear. I slacked off a bit last week so now it’s crunch time. I have 1 more gift to get and then it’s just stocking stuffers, not too bad. I have about ½ my gifts already wrapped and with one more weekend and Christmas Eve off I think I have enough time to get things done without getting too nuts, I think. I have one holiday party done and two more this weekend, so I will have to make sure I have those gifts wrapped early. I have a feeling I may have to miss a few workouts but I have to get to at least two classes at TOMA this week, I want to make it to as many classes as I can, to get ready for the next Black Belt Test, in February. It was really difficult to pass up testing in November, and now I’m afraid of losing momentum due to the holidays. I am just going to have to practice on my own as much as possible and get myself to the gym while the school is closed for the holiday break.

I do have a tendency to get myself worked up in December, more so than I really have to. But the past few years I have been better at catching myself and making adjustments before I get too out of control. I have learned to accept the fact, that I will be overextended, because I don’t want to miss anything. I know that I have to set time aside for the things that are most important and make adjustments to my schedule to make it all work, so sometimes I have to get up early or stay up late to fit things in. I am also working on enjoying each thing, I just had to demand not worrying about, and the next thing I have to get to. One of the goals I had set for myself in the beginning of the year was to have more fun. For me it’s not a matter of not doing enough fun things, it’s more about relaxing and enjoying each thing, in the present moment, without jumping ahead to what happens next. I think for me that is one of life’s biggest lessons, learning to simply enjoy the moment.  I have to say I am doing much better with it, I think as we get older and hopefully wiser we can find a way to enjoy what is most important to us.

So this holiday season the goal is, stay calm, do one thing at a time, don’t stress, make sure to take care of yourself. Remember to enjoy each moment, you never get them back, be happy, and do the things you love.

Happy Holidays



Tip of the Day December 12, 2014

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love u anyway

found this on a friends Facebook page

had to share


Tip of the Day December 11, 2014

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show up

from sun-gazing.com


Tip of the Day December 10, 2014

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happy sad

Don’t let one or two events turn you day from good to bad.

Just because something happened ,that doesn’t make it a bad day

1 Accept what happened

2 Take steps to correct things ,if possible

3 Move on and go on with the rest of your day



Meditation of the Day December 8, 2014

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A warm and energizing meditation for a cold winter day.

from Hay House Daily Meditations