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That Time of Year December 29, 2014

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Well, hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, but as we all know the celebrating is not quite over yet. One more big holiday to end the season and kick off a brand new year. This is a time of reflection for so many of us a time to look back and remember the past year and all that has happened, things we did things we didn’t do and what we want to accomplish in the coming year.

You know the infamous New Years Resolution. I myself never make them instead I like to set goal for the coming year.Goals for things I want to achieve in long and short term, through the coming year. I set them this way so that I actually have a shot of accomplishing what I set out to do. The idea is that you start with something small that you are willing and able to work for and accomplish. That’s right I said work for ,there is no point in setting a goal for your self that you are not willing to to put in the time and effort to achieve. Starting small allows you to to get yourself warmed up , you work towards something small, attain it and now you can see and feel you success. You have completed step one,and are now ready to move on to step two. You can continue this process,and make changes and additions as you go,making sure you are willing and able to do the things you set out to do.

Lets break it down

1 Decide what you want to accomplish

2 Be sure you can and will be able to work for what you want

3 Break it into small achievable goals

4 Get yourself going

5 Make changes and additions as necessary.

Happy New Year


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