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Tip of the Day December 3, 2014

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Re-blogging this color meditation,it’s a great way to recharge and reset your energy,when you need it, give it a try!


5 Minutes for Me

Color Meditation: To restore balance and harmony

Each color in this meditation corresponds to one of the body’s 7 major power centers.

Start by finding a comfortable position in a quiet place. Make sure your spine is in alignment, either in sitting or lying down. Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Begin by picturing yourself outside on a beautiful day. Set the scene, a park a lake where ever you want. In one hand you are holding 7 balloons,Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Lt Blue,Dark Blue,and Violet .
Begin with the Red balloon, take in your empty hand and look at it see it in your mind, hold that image then let the balloon go. Watch it as it drifts in the air floating through the air higher and higher, until it can no longer be seen. Do the same for each of the other balloons in this order Orange,Yellow,Green,Lt. Blue, Dark Blue…

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