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Here We Go November 3, 2014


Monday morning again, deep breath and here we go. Well, happily I survived my first week back to work, now I am ready for week number 2. It went fairly well, nothing really changed while I was out so it was easy to get back into the groove. This week I need to focus on my evening schedule, I was doing everything during the day while the kids were at school so evenings were family time. I now need to make sure I can get my me – time in after work. I made one small adjustment to my work schedule and that should free up a few more hours for me without taking anything away from work, home, or mom’s taxi. I know once I get a good schedule going and everything becomes habit it will be easy to stay on track. I figure I have a solid three weeks before holiday craziness kicks in so that should give me a good amount of time to get a routine down. I should probably also mark down any available shopping time just to keep things from getting to hectic.

It’s important for me to get to my martial arts classes 3 times a week as well as going to the gym, like three times a week. I need to get back in to top shape so I can test for my black belt. I could, if I wanted to test in two weeks, but I don’t feel like I’m ready now. First of all I am still healing, and I wouldn’t want to get hurt again. Second I just got back to work after being out for two months, and honestly after a three day test I’m gonna want to take a day off to recover. So my plan is to wait until the next test in February ,and  If I make sure that I’m doing everything I can to train then, I’ll be good to go.

I am so glad I was able to use some of the time I had off to take such good care of myself and I don’t want to give any of it up. So now I just have to make all the necessary adjustments, both scheduling and attitude ,and everything will work. I’m not leaving myself any other option.



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