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Tip of the Day July 31, 2014

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happy quote


Tip of the Day July 30, 2014

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To respond skillfully and gracefully to life,

Now that is a skill worth taking the time to develop.

Don’t you agree?


Tip of the Day July 29, 2014

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Everything exists together all at once

what we see depends on what we are looking for

and what we choose to focus on.



Make the Best Happen July 28, 2014

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Are you trying to make the most of your summer? I know I am. Every time summer rolls around I find myself wishing I had more time off, and when I say more time I mean the whole summer. That sadly is not an option so I must make the best of the time I have. Here are a few of the ways I am taking advantage of everyday situations.

Firs off most of the time summer brings less traffic, well no such luck this year, not in NJ. O M G there is so much road construction that not only did I have to find an alternate route, but I also have to leave 20 to 30 minutes earlier than usual. Sure I could complain but it wouldn’t do me much good so instead I am taking advantage of getting to work early. I work In PT rehab so essentially I have access to the gym before the clients are there and before my work day begin. I am using my extra time to work out every morning doing exercises like crunches, pushups as well as so light weight training with machines and free weights. Not such a problem getting up now because I’m gaining something from it. My evenings are still just as busy as during the school year, both my kids have year round activities and I of course have my martial arts class, three times a week. Not much I can do about that so I have been staying up and out a little bit later during the week ,so I can get more done and also go out more. Since I am getting more done during the week that leaves more free time on the weekends, I. love how making the best of everything ,just seem to make everything seem even better. This weekend started with a quiet Friday night, fire pit in the yard hanging with the neighbors. Saturday I went to PNC to see Kiss and Def Leoppard, with my husband and some friends. We got there at like 4 to tailgate ate drank and enjoyed the beautiful weather.  Different cars including us took turns providing the section with tunes to get everyone ready for the show, an absolute must in tailgating as far as I’m concerned. We had a blast at the show both bands played an awesome show, crowed was full of energy, great time all around.

So my point is this, look for what you want, look for ways to do the things you want to do. Make the necessary adjustments, yes there will be adjustments, but they will be well worth it. There is so much fun to be had in life take advantage of every opportunity you have to make life enjoyable.


Tip of the Day July 25, 2014



Tip of the Day July 24, 2014

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Change your future by being present.

Every day take some time to stop

be still be quiet and aware.

Let all thoughts of past and future go

keep your focus on the now.

How do you feel? What do you feel?

What do you see? What do you hear?

Practice this for a few minutes every day to create

a sense of calm,quiet, relaxation you we be able to bring to everything you do


Tip of the Day July 23, 2014

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Small steps every day

may not seem like much

but if you stick with your journey

over time you will reach heights

you never imagined before