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Busy,Busy,Busy June 9, 2014

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dog chasing tail

Well it Monday morning, and oh boy does it feel like Monday. I had the busiest week last week and this one look like it will be just as busy. I think for my own best inters I may need to take a night off from the gym. Every free night I have I usually go to the gym that’s on top of TOMA two to three times a week. So today I may just try to squeeze in a quick workout on my lunch, so that when I get home tonight I can put on something comfortable and plop down in front of the TV and fall asleep early. I hope all goes according to plan, because I could use the rest.

The school year is coming to a close for my kids and my 8th grader is getting ready for her dance and graduation, both kids have a field day coming, and my 4th grader has one big meet before the gymnastics competition season ends. All of this is happening in the next three weeks, and we will be traveling and on vacation in conjunction with the meet. So I will be busy, busy, busy and I will have to make sure I take a night or two or a weekend day and relax. I may have to get creative, because I don’t want to lose all my time, I worked hard creating my schedule to fit in my exercise time because I like it and its good for me, so I must find a way to take care of me, without making more stress for myself. I may be doing sit-ups on the livening room floor or popping in a workout dvd or what ever works best  for me that day, but I will relax and I will get in my exercise time one way or another. Then some quiet meditation before winding down and going to bed,I know that will help.

Well wish me luck as I wish all of you the same who are going through a crazy busy time. Take care and be well.


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