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Vacation June 23, 2014

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Well it’s Sunday night and I am totally in vacation mode, now I am not officially on vacation until Tuesday night but in my head I am so there. I went out last night and hung out for a bit this evening. I went out with my husband and brother-in-law had a few drinks and maybe a shot while we watched the U S, Portugal game. Now I’m not going to get into to that, cause, issues so.

I’m packed, I ready, and now I have to wait it out till Tuesday, stupid school, the kids don’t finish school till Tuesday so that’s when we leave. I have to tell you getting through the next few day at work is gonna be the hardest part. I have no choice so I will put forth my best effort but my mind is already far, far away. There is so much to be excited about, for one it is the kids first time at Disney, two the little one is competing at Nationals/Worlds USAIGC Gymnastics, so proud of her, and three well it’s vacation. So this is the last time you will be hearing from me until July. My next post will be July 6. Until then I plan on much fun at parks swimming, relaxing by a pool watching my daughter compete some quality family time and making memories.

We will be spending time with other family members, and a good amount of the team will also be competing so there will be plenty of friends around to spend time with. It should be a very good time. This is also the longest vacation we have taken we will be away for a full week and then we have four days at home before going back to work ,so I will have plenty of time to get myself and the family back together before work starts again. So goodbye for now and I will talk to you all again when I return. Take care of yourselves and be well.


Tip of the Day June 20, 2014

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roots and wings


Tip of the Day June 19, 2014

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three things


Tip of the Day June 18, 2014

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world peace


Tip of the Day June 17, 2014

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Fathers Day Weekend June 16, 2014

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Hi, hello and happy Monday to all. I hope all the dads out there enjoyed their day yesterday, doing as much or as little as you wanted to do, with everyone you wanted to do it with. We had a very family oriented weekend. My in-laws had a cookout on Saturday and my parents were there as well so we got the family together in one shot. It’s quite nice having everyone so close together it makes it easy to see the whole family for almost every occasion.

So That left Sunday open for my husband and whatever he wanted to do. So we start out the day with only the plan of seeing the movie, so no pressure no timetable nothing. Everyone had a nice breakfast together and then I took the girls out to do a little shopping, so dad could have a few quiet minutes at home alone. When we returned everyone did their own thing until it was time to head out and go see our movie together. The day had a nice balance for everyone, time together as well as time alone, plus since we spent time with grandparents on Saturday we didn’t have to worry about rushing around anywhere. I really enjoy it when things can work out simply and easily, gotta love that!


Tip of the Day June 13, 2014

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Today do one little thing to take better care of yourself

Then repeat tomorrow