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Sunday in the Kitchen March 31, 2014

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Three Bean Chili

  Three Bean Chili

Well look at that it’s Monday yet again, the weekends are never long enough. Hope everyone was able to enjoy it. Saturday, for me are just as busy as the weekdays ,so I really look forward to Sundays, it’s the day that I can be  the most relaxed and laid back. This Sunday I spent most of my time in the kitchen cooking. I had hoped to make some extra food to have during the week but no such luck, everything got eaten as soon as it was finished cooking so now I’m gonna have to make something for lunch every day. I really enjoy cooking when I can take my time and I don’t have to worry about what time everything gets done. I find it to be very relaxing, plus the whole instant gratification thing. You cook you eat simple, and satisfying. I made a three bean chili, it was supposed to be for dinner but the second it was hot enough the kids hit it so, it was lunch. Then I made vegan meatballs, Ill post the recipe tomorrow. They are made with brown rice onion and walnuts so good and they are gluten free as well. I actually have some of those left so woo hoo, lunch one day this week. Then for dinner I made spaghetti and a quick sauce with all kinds of fresh veggies, and they ate every bit. Well at least everyone ate somewhat healthy today, the kids also made chocolate chip cookies cause we needed an inside activity. Most of the in-between time was spent washing dishes and of course doing the laundry. By the end of the day everyone was relaxed happy and full.

Enjoy your week everyone!


Tip of the Day March 28, 2014

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look at


Tip of the Day March 27, 2014

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Tip of the Day March 26, 2014

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Grab a moment of peace.

Stop what you are doing, sit down and take a deep breath

Focus on your neck and shoulders, and let them relax

Breathe in and let them relax on the exhale.

Now close your eyes and continue for 1 to 5 min

Let yourself relax on every exhale.

When you are finished slowly open your eyes

And begin to move slowly stretch your neck and shoulders.

Take one more minute and notice how you are feeling.

Smile and continue your day.


Tip of the Day March 25, 2014

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You opened your eyes this morning,

You have today,

What you make of it is up to you!

Make it special,

Make it happy,

Make it count!

Enjoy today!


Bonus Time March 24, 2014

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bouns time

Bonus Time

I had some bonus time yesterday, my all day plans got canceled and I found myself with time I was not expecting.  So everything I got to do was special, just because it was unexpected. I got to sleep a little later, even though I got up early anyway. I got to go to the gym and take a class I enjoy, I was able to get a few extra things around the house, run some errands and cook a nice dinner.  I even got to spend some time on just me, taking care a few things I wanted to do for me. None of this stuff is all that special or out of the ordinary, but because I didn’t think I was going to be able to do any of it I think I enjoyed it all a little more.

The best part for me was that there was no time table, except for the time my class at the gym started, everything else that got done got finished in its own time and nothing felt rushed. I truly love it when that happens, and I make a point to take notice and enjoy it. The less stress the day holds the better.

One of my goals in life is to live each day as stress free as possible. To look at each thing as it needs to be done and deal with, and even enjoy it. I have my work cut out for me but it’s a life goal so I have my whole life to achieve it. Anyone who knows me knows it very well may take that long.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend


Tip of the Day March 21, 2014

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Happy Friday,

cherry blossems

Keep visions of beauty in your heart and mind

and they will be with you no matter what may occur

on the outside.

Stay beautiful!