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Can I Be Done Now,PLEASE? December 16, 2013

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mommy needs a time out

Ah, it’s Sunday night and if we make it till bedtime without any casualties I’ll call it a success. The closer to Christmas we get the higher everyone’s excitement and tension. Between all the running around the extra shopping, wrapping and parties the kids are bouncing off the walls. Well I’ll tell ya, I’m feeling a little bouncy myself. No matter how many things I cross off my list it seems like two more take its place.

All I can do is try my best to stay calm and keep myself in check one moment at a time. It has been touch and go some days, but all and all…well it is what it is. I have a few tricks up my sleeve so I don’t lose it completely. First music, I keep myself in a good mode with good tunes, I load up my phone with all my favorites, it’s an instant boost to my mood. Second quiet time, I put myself in time out for a few minutes and well that helps everyone. It gives me time to close my eyes take a few breaths and quiet down all the noise inside my head. This is something I need to practice more of for sure.

Three, reminding myself that this is all for fun. I know I have said this before but I think it’s worth repeating. Once you put things into perspective it takes some of the pressure off.

Well one week and two days to go, good luck to everyone, relax and let it get done. Keep yourself in check however you can, and most of all have fun. Enjoy all the best the season has to offer and don’t worry.

Grown up time outs ah, best thing ever, give yourself some you will not regret it.


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