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Tip of the Day October 31, 2013

never give up


Tip of the Day October 30, 2013

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Don’t rush to the end result.
The passion is in the process.
Most times the biggest and most
meaningful rewards are found in doing,
not after it’s been done.
finish line


Tip of the Day October 29, 2013

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The key to a happy life is to

The key to a happy life is to love what you do.
The rest will work itself out in time.


October October 28, 2013

October is a momentous month, yesterday was my birthday, Friday I got my Bo Dan/ Assistant Black Belt, and it’s been a year since I started 5 Minutes for Me. It’s been a good year; I’ve taken steps to move my life in the direction I want it to move in. In the past, the circumstances in my life had become overwhelming, but recently I have been able to separate myself from them. Don’t get me wrong the difficult situations have not gone away, I just decided that I wasn’t going to let then dictate my life. Instead I’m deciding what I’m going to do and finding a way around or over or through whatever problems may arise. Something’s have come easily and others take more time effort and sacrifice. No matter what happens I can decide, I have other people to consider but the direction of my life is up to me, and I want to accomplish certain things and waiting until the time is rite isn’t<a gonna get a dam thing done. So I moving ahead dealing with each situation as it arises and living and enjoying my life.
So this October I celebrate another year of my life, everything I have learned and all I accomplished, no matter how big or small. I have so much more work to do to reach many of my goals, so with the end result in mind I can enjoy everything that happens along the way, the good the bad, the ugly the awesome and the amazing, because I can learn and grow for them all. As long as I can get up each day I can do what I want with my life, and I can let it take the time it takes.


Tip of the Day October 25, 2013

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do not stop
It does not matter how slow you go.
So long as you never stop.


Tip of the Day October 24, 2013


Every journey begins with a step, but you have to take that step. Keep moving forward, no matter how small each step may be. Even with the smallest of steps you may reach destinations, you never dreamed of.


Tip of the Day October 23, 2013

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get started