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Taking Pictures August 19, 2013

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I recently discovered how much I like to take pictures. Ever since I started this blog, I find I’m always looking for a picture to put up to go along with what I am writing about, and I can’t always find just what I want. So I started taking more and more random photos of things I find interesting. Normally I would just get shots of people, but now I find myself snapping shots of any little thing I find different than what I see every day, or something that just happens to catch my eye. I think the best part is that I am more aware of what is around me, things I wouldn’t normally notice pop out at me and I take a picture. I just find it nice to be able to appreciate what’s around me more and fulfill a need at the same time.

I got some nice shots on vacation and will be putting some of them up on the Facebook page. Now I’m not claiming that these are professional pictures, they most certainly are not, what they are, is well a representation of what I like or find interesting and want to share. I think it’s nice when we notice we can still find new things we enjoy that fit so effortlessly into our lives. It’s a very 5 minutes for me kind of a thing. Take some time to take notice of the little things you enjoy, that you maybe weren’t even paying attention to. Then you can look for reasons to do them more and more.

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