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I Got a New Belt June 24, 2013

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This past Friday I completed my Brown 1 belt and moved up to Camo. This is my last belt before I become an assistant Black Belt, at which point I go back and re learn everything from white all the way back up to camo to test for my Black Belt. It’s a good possibility that I could be doing just that in about a year. Wow it’s a lot to think about so for now I focus on the challenge at hand, my current belt and curriculum. I look forward to the challenges that come with each new belt; the hard work, the sweat, and all the practice it takes to get to my best. Every belt comes with more challenging moves requires more concentration, focus and determination. In the beginning I am just trying to remember what comes next, it was so difficult, I had a tough time thinking I would ever be able to remember all the complex moves of the more advanced belts, let alone perform them correctly.
I’m so proud of how far I’ve come and I am excited to continue learning. So here I go on to the next level, and soon beyond. One step at a time, I’ll continue on this journey, to Black Belt and beyond, At Elite TOMA with Master Jo and his excellent staff.


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