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A Day Off April 22, 2013

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I was talking to a friend a few days ago while we were waiting to pick up our kids. She was telling me how she had taken the day off to do a few things for herself. She got her hair and nails done, and even got to get in a nice long walk and enjoy the weather. She needed a day for herself and she took one, that’s something we should all do for ourselves from time to time.
It’s nice to take these days for yourself once and a while. A day when not much is planned and you can have most of the day for you. A day when you can take your time, get things done in a relaxed manner, and not run around like crazy.  I try to schedule these days in whenever I can, when my husband is at work and the kids have school. It can make such deference in your attitude when you take that day to catch up or if you can manage it, treat yourself to something nice.
Everyone needs time to themselves. When was the last time you set aside a day for you? A day to get done all those things you put off doing, because you were just too busy. Of course it’s always nice to spend some time doing nothing, if you like that sort of thing.


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