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Finding Special Time in Every Day April 8, 2013


I like so many people, am very busy. Work, kids, husband, family, friends, there is always something going on. It can be very easy to get caught up in everybody else’s stuff and leave no time for you.
I remember when my older daughter was small; I had no time for me. I got up every morning to drop her off before work, and pick her up afterwards. I had trouble finding balance; I rushed around trying to get everything done, while taking care of her. It got to be a bit too much.

I needed some time to be alone and I had to get creative. I started getting up extra early on Saturday mornings to go food shopping. I would slip out of the house when my husband and daughter were sleeping, spend an hour or two, take my time and enjoy the quiet. It might not sound like much but that time alone was so special to me.

It’s been about 11 years now and I still make it a point to go shopping on my own. There are many other things I have managed to fit into my busy schedule. Time to get out with friends, read, and relax or workout, I also make it a point to notice the moments of calm and quiet and take the time to enjoy them. Simple things can really make a difference, like a relaxing cup of coffee, or a driving to work listening to music I love.

The opportunity to do what you want is there if you look for it. You may have to be creative and fit things where they work best for you. Don’t let expectations of how you think things should fit into your life keep you from finding enjoyment.


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