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Morning Madness January 29, 2013

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How do you feel about mornings? Are you one of those lucky people who pop out of bed ready to start the day?  Are you up before everyone else working out getting ready perfectly groomed and ready to take on the day? I’m not. Once I’m up and going I’m ok, but getting out of bed is tough. If I had my way I‘d stay in bed till the last minute, sadly not an option for me. My vanity and my children will not allow it.

So what to do? You can always get things ready the night before. Pick out cloths, take a shower, have bags packed and ready to go. Decide if you will bring lunch or buy it, if other family members are involved have them make the same decision and have lunch or money ready to go. This way you will have less to think about first thing in the morning, and more importantly less to do.

Once you are up and going, do one thing at a time and finish it before you start something else. If you go to the bathroom first, take care of everything you need to do before you leave the room. If you go to the kitchen to make coffee, tea, or breakfast do it all while you’re in there. Don’t start something then go running back and forth through the house, It’s a giant waste of time and it is very difficult to remember what you have done, especially if you are not the only one you need to do things for.

When you have others to help in the morning, get yourself done first.  Make sure you are completely dressed put together and organized, and then move on to helping anyone who may need it. If everyone has been set up from the night before it should make the morning more productive for the whole family.

Changing things up might take some getting used to, but once you get into the swing of things it can make for a reasonable calm and even productive morning. Being prepared will keep you relaxed ,taking care of you first will make you more affective when helping others and can cut down on stress for all concerned.  So Start your day at night and have a good morning.


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