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dont-pin-happiness-to-something-or-some-point.jpg January 31, 2013

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Don’t pin happiness to something or some point in the future. Happiness is your choice ,be happy now ,Don't pin happiness to something or some pointand everyday as you work toward a better future.


Tip of the Day January 30, 2013


Tip of the Day


Tip of the Day

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Live Life Now,


What a Nice Weekend

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This past weekend was a perfect balance of family time me time and time to get my work done at a relaxed pace.

I guess it also helped that it was a long weekend, but that’s beside the point. It started on Thursday my 2 girls my mom and I headed down to AC for a gymnastics competition the girls were in. We drove to Point Pleasant to stay with family, for the night. We got there, ordered dinner and had time for a nice visit before bed. Fri morning we were up bright and early to get out on the road before traffic. We spent the day watching the girls and their friends compete. Some of us went to lunch together, and we got to watch the girls get their awards.

We stayed in AC for the night and had breakfast with the others at our hotel. Then my mom and I left for home and the girls stayed behind with another family to see another one of the girls compete that night.

It was a quiet ride home an my mom and I were able to catch up and have a nice conversation( without interruption) LOL

When I got home the house was quiet and I was able to put everything away and start my house work at my own pace , stopping to watch some TV while I folded the laundry.

When my husband got home we had some time to ourselves to hang out relax and talk, I love it when that happens. We also had a quiet Sunday morning and I was again able to relax and get things done. The kids got home around 2. I got them organized feed and showered. Next it was out to dinner for my mom’s birthday. We were home by 8 and ready to get comfy. 

It’s important to stop and appreciate these times, recognize what we have when we have it.  Being aware and appreciating what is happing, when it is happening brings a sense of peace and calming. Nothing grand happened but for me it was perfect because I had time for everything, and I took full advantage and allowed myself to enjoy it .


*I found this on FB the other day and thought oh how perfect!*


Tension Exercise



Don’t Stress Out, RELAX!

Here’s a little exercise to feel the difference between being tense and stressed out, and being relaxed. Start by making tight fists, clench your jaw, bring your shoulders up to your ears, and squeeze every muscle in your body tight,thight,tight. Now take a deep breath and on the exhale just let go and completely relax. Let every muscle release every bit of tension. Feel the circulation coming back to your whole body and the relief washing over you.

So next time you feel yourself tensing up, take a deep breath and let go. How does that feel?


Clear Away the Cobwebs in Your Mind!


Sometimes mid-day we can get a bit foggy; when this happens try doing a simple inversion.  This is an easy way to get some extra oxygen to your brain. Sit in you chair feet flat on the floor, and simply lean forward letting your head hang down between your legs for a few seconds. Be sure to come back up slowly so you don’t get dizzy.